LRCH convened The Community Liaison Group (CLG) to provide a forum for discussion, information provision and feedback. The CLG will form a long-term link between LRCH and community representatives with an interest in the Resort, from the pre-application stage, through construction and possibly during operation. The CLG will provide an opportunity for dialogue between LRCH and the CLG in relation to proposals for the Resort  

LRCH originally convened the CLG in 2016 and reconvened the group in 2020.

Membership is drawn from local elected representatives, organisations, community groups and local residents with an interest in the proposed Resort. Membership will be reviewed over the course of the project and may be revised as and when appropriate. 

Documents relating to CLG are available below.

Terms of Reference 2020 (Agreed upon June 25 2020)

Meeting 1 Minutes from first CLG meeting (June 25 2020) 

Meeting 1 First Meeting Presentation June 2020

Meeting 2 London Resort Community Liaison Group Statutory Consultation (3 September 2020) 

Meeting 3 London Resort Community Liaison Group Presentation (November 2020)