Consultation and engagement is an essential part of a DCO application for a project of this scale and significance. We have always been committed to ensuring that the London Resort works for the local community as well as visitors.

We gathered widespread feedback from an early stage, with extensive community consultation over 2014 and 2015, as project proposals were emerging. This enabled us to understand the views of stakeholders and local communities, influencing proposals from the outset.

The area has evolved considerably since 2015. We have been working with Highways England, local authorities, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, and the Port of Tilbury to understand how their proposals and developments have progressed, which has been taken into account as we have refined our proposals.

We are also working with a range of stakeholders, including local authorities across the region, environmental and conservation bodies, port operators, local transport operators, businesses, and community groups to further understand opportunities and how we can minimise and mitigate impacts. 

Following consultation we will continue engagement with local and national organisations, local communities and others interested in the London Resort as we continue to develop our designs. We have recently reconvened our Community Liaison Group, with membership comprising of local elected representatives and community groups. 

We will be engaging with schools, local interest and other community groups as we progress. We are looking to establish an accessibility forum to help guide our design development and our operational policies to ensure we are creating a development that is accessible and inclusive.

Please find associated CLG documentation at the end of this page.

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Land owners and occupiers

We are in discussion with a number of landowners and occupiers likely to be impacted by our proposals to ensure that we can mitigate the impact of this as much as we are able to and with a view to agreeing fair and reasonable terms. We are keen to speak to anyone who considers that they may be entitled to compensation in the event that the DCO is granted, with a view to agreeing fair and reasonable terms prior to resorting to Compulsory Acquisition powers.

Our leaflet Land acquisition, property compensation and the London Resort Premium outlines LRCH’s approach to land acquisition, the London Resort Premium, the statutory Compulsory Acquisition process and the entitlement to compensation which may arise should we use Compulsory Acquisition powers once they are available.

The Order Limits Boundary map outlines the Development Consent Order (DCO) area, i.e. the land we currently consider would be required to deliver the project. If you believe you are impacted and have not been contacted by LRCH, please email or phone 0800 470 0043.

To view The London Resort Development Consent Order Land Plans, please click here

CLG Documentation 

Minutes from first CLG meeting (June 25 2020)

First Meeting Presentation June 2020

Terms of Reference 2020 (Agreed on June 25 2020)