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Please find below an overview of the application documents which were submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. By clicking on each topic heading, you will be redirected to the relevant section of the Planning Inspectorate web page. Here you will find the documents described under each of the relevant headers. For example, by clicking on Reports/Statements, you will be redirected to the Planning Inspectorate page, where you will find our Consultation Report.

An index of all documents submitted as part of the application is available to view here.

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Application documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. 

Part 1

Application information

This section includes the application form and Electronic Application Index.

Part 2


This section contains plans and drawings that illustrate proposals including the location and land required, the proposed works, as well as transport, environmental and other details.

Part 3

Draft development consent order and related documents

The legal powers LRCH is seeking within its Development Consent Order (DCO) to enable it to construct, operate and maintain the London Resort, accompanied by a separate document explaining the provisions of the DCO.

Part 4

Compulsory Acquisition information

Evidence as to why LRCH requires legal powers to compulsorily acquire land to deliver the London Resort, how the proposals would be funded and details of the land interests that are required for the construction and operation of the proposals.

Part 5

Reports / statements

Various reports and statements, including the Consultation Report.

Part 6

Environmental impact assessment and habitat regulations information

Environmental Statement (ES) – an assessment of the likely significant environmental effects of the proposals on the environment and a description of mitigation measures proposed to reduce any negative impacts and documents to secure that mitigation, and information on compliance with habitat regulations.

Part 7

Other documents

Additional documents that support the DCO application but are not legally required. These include further technical reports and justification for the NSIP.