If you have already registered for job and supply chain opportunities we have your contact details and will continue to keep you updated with the progress of the project.

We are determined to ensure job opportunities are available to local people as well as the wider employment market. There will be a range of full time and part time jobs expected to include:

  • Over 9,000 jobs (including approximately 6,500 Full Time Equivalents) at the Entertainment Resort
  • A further 2,300 jobs (including approximately 1,800 Full Time Equivalents) in the Entertainment Resort hotels
  • Potential for approximately 21,000 indirect jobs (including approximately 16,000 Full Time Equivalents) through the supply chain and growth from spending in the local area
  • Peak on site construction employment of up to 6,300 jobs, during the construction period

The jobs created will be across a wide range of opportunities including skilled professional roles. Local schools, job centres and community groups are assisting our understanding of the mix of skills and resources available in the local labour pool and this in turn will guide recruitment and training provision.

The Entertainment Resort will include staff training facilities which will enable local school-leavers and job seekers (of all ages) to gain the skills necessary to work within the proposed development.

Our supply chain will be a key component to the success of the Entertainment Resort and from the very beginning of the project we have emphasised how important it is for local, regional and national suppliers to be involved in the process and made aware of the opportunities that the resort will offer.

We will be holding events to give potential suppliers the opportunity to find out more about our services and product requirements.