27 Jul 2020


Public consultation begins on world class entertainment destination

The London Resort, one of the most ambitious theme park projects in Europe, has today published thousands of pages of comprehensive reports, plans, analysis and data for the public to review and provide their views (click here).  The consultation reveals in detail how this largely brownfield former industrial site will be transformed into one of the most exciting destinations in the world.

The new plans and updated assessments reveal a new vision, exciting content including infrastructure improvements and environmental enhancements alongside economic benefits.  These include:

  • 9,000 direct and 20,000 indirect jobs created for the operation of the Resort within the first year. Rising to 17,000 and over 35,000 after 15 years.  These include skilled hi-tech, engineering and management roles and semi-skilled jobs directly, with a combination of full-time, part-time and seasonal roles
  • An injection of a multi-billion GBP investment
  • A transformative and sustainable boost to the immediate economies of Dartford, Gravesham, Thurrock, Kent & Essex
  • Creation of a green network of amenity areas and parkland to include areas of environmental enhancement and wildlife habitat creation beside the River Thames for local residents and Resort guests
  • Two ferry terminals and riverside wharf along with new transport interchanges, to support sustainable modes of transport
  • The site is served by excellent river access, multiple rail stations, bus networks, cycle and pedestrian routes, as well as road access for coaches, taxis and cars.

The London Resort will be the first European development of its kind to be built from scratch since the opening of Disneyland Paris in 1992.  If successful in securing development consent, construction could begin in early 2022 with a view to opening in 2024.

The new plans being revealed today build upon previous, extensive community consultations.  Around 8,000 people have participated to date and a range of stakeholders have been engaged with, such as Highways England, local authorities, the Port of Tilbury and environmental and conservation bodies.

“The London Resort represents a unique opportunity to bring a thrilling and exciting global entertainment destination to the UK with a breadth of facilities”, PY Gerbeau, the London Resort’s CEO.  

“It will generate multi-billion-pound investment, thousands of jobs, and will transform a largely brownfield site into one of the most exciting entertainment destinations in the world.

“As well as maximising new, immersive and interactive technologies, our aim is also to be one of the most sustainable major theme parks in the world, pursuing an operational net zero emissions goal. Sustainability is at the core of our vision and we continue to explore new and innovative ways of integrating sustainable and low-carbon principles into every area of design and operation of the Resort.

“We have listened, analysed and considered all the feedback given to us through extensive consultations,” continued Gerbeau.  “It is the first project of its kind to be designated a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project so while it’s incredibly important for local communities to continue contributing, it is also important for the nation to have its say.” 

Unique, immersive, world-class destination

The London Resort will be globally competitive and mark a step-change in leisure and entertainment provision in the UK.  Themed rides and attractions across two theme parks, with entertainment, e-Sports, a water park and conference/convention venues, hotels, retail and dining, will all be brought together across one landscaped setting to create one of the largest, immersive experience centres in the world.  The first theme park ‘gate’ will open in 2024 and the second within five years (by 2029).

Harnessing natural landscape and riverside location

The London Resort will showcase the natural features of the site, seamlessly integrating them into the designs.  A large proportion of the peninsula landscape will remain undeveloped and will be enhanced, principally for wildlife and biodiversity benefits, with quiet zones for visitors and the public to relax in natural surroundings.  The designs will integrate local public rights of way and a green network, with improved access to the river for visitors and local communities.

A catalyst for job creation and regeneration

The London Resort represents a unique opportunity to bring a major attraction and entertainment-led regeneration scheme to the UK.  With its global profile, it will attract visitors from all over the world, generating economic and community benefits for the local area that will reach far into Kent, Essex, London and the UK.  The impact of the London Resort on job creation, tourism and business growth will be transformational.

Improved access for local communities

An improved network of pedestrian and cycle routes is planned for the Swanscombe Peninsula, improving connectivity within existing neighbourhoods and create linkages with the network of green spaces and the river.


The Statutory Consultation period will last from 27th July until 11.59pm on 21st September.  Webinars, online Q&A sessions, telephone surgeries and other activities will take place throughout the seven week period. The London Resort has written to thousands of homes and businesses across the local area, inviting people to get involved and have their say.