The London Resort will be principally based on the Swanscombe Peninsula in North Kent, set over approximately 465 hectares including a new dedicated access road to the A2 and easy access from Ebbsfleet International station. Transport facilities will be provided on the north side of the river, set over approximately 29.5 hectares of land, on land immediately to the east of the port of Tilbury, with a transport access corridor around the A1089. Whilst we are not proposing to develop the whole site within those borders, we have submitted a DCO application partly situated within that area.

The main Project site lies in the county of Kent, in the boroughs of Dartford and Gravesham, and within Ebbsfleet Garden City. North of the River, the site lies within Thurrock, in the historic county of Essex. The site is just 17 minutes to central London by train, and offers excellent links to the rest of the country, and mainland Europe. The Project’s unique location presents the opportunity to maximise the use of river and rail, and the site is already connected to excellent public transport links.

There are inevitably effects associated with any major infrastructure project. Our revised emerging Masterplan has taken into account feedback that we received during previous stages of consultation, highlights ongoing stakeholder engagement and presents our vision for the London Resort. This has been adapted to better accommodate the environmental and technical constraints and opportunities, to maximise benefits and minimise impacts for the local community and environment.

We have revised our business case, with revised visitor numbers (downwards). Our transport strategy has evolved considerably, and our proposals now include land at the Port of Tilbury to allow visitors to arrive by boat, reducing impacts on local roads. The plans also now include staff accommodation, which will reduce the amount of staff travel. Our plans also include ambitious proposals for sustainable development and operation of the London Resort. 

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project 

The London Resort has been designated as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). It was the first ‘Business or Commercial Project’ to be accepted as an NSIP by the UK Government under the Planning Act 2008. As such, we were required to make an application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to obtain permission to construct and operate the Project.

There are a number of stages to the DCO process. To find out more, please visit our Planning page

Provided our DCO application is granted, works will start in 2022, with a view to the London Resort opening in 2024.

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